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Shamrockin' Run 8K New Orleans

The 2020 Shamrockin’ Run New Orleans is proud to produce and host the annual Guinness Challenge Championship. This fast paced, exciting event will be open to the first 300 men and 300 women that register for the Guinness Challenge. Those athletes without the right stuff need not apply!

Athletes that participate in the Guinness Challenge will be required to drink a 4oz cup of Guinness Beer at designated locations near each mile mark along the 4.97mile course. (See a diagram below of a Guinness Consumption Zone) Volunteers and Judges will be on hand to witness and record the beer that is consumed by participants at each location before your official wristband can be secured to each athlete. Once athletes leave the Guinness Challenge Consumption Zone (GCCZ) they will reenter the course and move to the next location near the next mile mark.

Guinness Challenge Awards (Male & Female)

  1. $100.00 plus a case of Guinness Beer
  2. $50.00 plus a case of Guinness Beer
  3. $25.00 plus a case of Guinness Beer
  4.  A case of Guinness Beer
  5.  A case of Guinness Beer

Guinness Challenge Rules, Regulations and Information

  1. All registered Guinness Challenge athletes will be required to wear the Guinness Challenge race number on race day to participate in this event
  2. Only Guinness Challenge athletes will be allowed to enter the Guinness Challenge Consumption Zones located near each mile mark
  3. Only athletes 21 years of age or older will be allowed to race in the Guinness Challenge
  4. Guinness Challenge athletes will be required to finish the 4oz cup of Guinness Beer at each location to receive their official Guinness wristband before proceeding to the next location. Volunteers and Judges will be at each consumption zone to assist and validate the beer consumed.
  5. Once an athlete has consumed the 4oz cup of Guinness they will be given an official colored wristband. The consumption zone volunteers at each location will secure this official colored wristband to the athlete. It is the athlete’s responsibility to make sure that he or she receives this wristband before leaving the consumption zone!
  6. Once Guinness Challenge athletes cross the finish line they are required to report to the Official Guinness Challenge Tent just the left of the post event party stage. Athletes will be checked to make sure that they have completed the event with all four wristbands secured to either wrist. Athletes will also be given their official finish time!
    Note: athletes finishing the event missing any wristbands will be disqualified
  7. The top five male and female athletes finishing with the fastest overall 8K times and with all official wristbands in place from each Guinness Consumption Zone will be declared the winners.
  8. The Guinness Challenge World Governing Body, located in Dublin, Ireland, will review any and all protest to the results.
  9. Guinness Consumption Zones will be mark with large Guinness flags and Green Balloons on the right side of the race course for easy recognition by athletes participating in the event.
  10. All Guinness Challenge Athletes will be required to pick up their race packet at Packet Pickup as per Race Schedule.
  11. Athletes in this event will be required to fill out and sign at packet pickup the Official Guinness Challenge Waiver of Release! Without this signed waiver in place athletes will not be able to participate.
Guinness Challenge Map
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